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I Read Comics

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Episode 2 is up

Show 2 on MP3

Yay! Another show in the can. This week's topics:

Music by La Mayerson
Chronicles of Conan Vol 2 (starts at 1:45)
the Comics Code (starts at 3:22)
Desire from Digital Manga (starts at 10:30)
B.A.B.E. Force (starts at 21:10)
Neil Gorman's Comicology podcast
Comic Geek Speak podcast

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Conan the Supermodel

Here he is, all sexy and pouting. Click on it to get the full-size version of Barry Smith lusciousness.

This panel is from the last page of "Devil Wings Over Shadizar", Conan #6.

Monday, June 13, 2005

First show up

Show 1 on MP3

Topics are:

Only the Ring Finger Knows (and the review at LHLS) (starts at 4:30)
Chronicles of Conan Vol. 1 (starts at 18:00)
Alternative Comics and their comic A Strange Day (starts at 25:30)

And here's the petition to get Only the Ring Finger Knows, the novel, translated into English. 2994 sigs and counting....

Music for the show very kindly provided by the Composing Diva herself, Ginger Mayerson. Go listen to her music. You'll be glad you did.