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Monday, August 31, 2009

52 Songs #1: Gorillaz 19-2000 Remix

I have a LOT of music. For the next year I'll be posting a song a week of some of my favorites - rarities, alternate versions, and other stuff you just might not have heard before.

This week: The Gorillaz 19-2000 Soulchild Remix, released in 2001. All the info you could want here. I love the Gorillaz and this is such a happy, fun, danceable tune. I am a sucker for the pop music!

Come back next Monday for another of the 52 songs!


Bruce Campbell IS Will Magnus!

No, seriously, he IS. This looks just like him! No wonder Tina is so in love.

Scanned from "The Robots of Terror!" Metal Men #2, June/July 1963.

I love you, Bob Kanigher!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Office Retrospective: Smerch rules.

I love it when he looks into the camera. From the trailer they did for the BBC showing on Aug 30:

Adam and Jamie Pikachus

Logan sent me this link to a list of Pikachu crossovers. This is my fave. I think I need to get this as a t-shirt!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Disney animation repurposing

This is fascinating! Ganked from BoingBoing, and you should read the discussion there. People are smart. The AristoCats is far, far superior to Robin Hood. Phil Harris! Eva Gabor! Scatman Crothers!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Show #84 - Aug 14

Show 84 on MP3

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Some musings about comic cons
Death of Superman graphic novel
Superman in the Sixties collection
A quick rant about FBOW

You can still check out the Watchmen Motion Comics here (all uploaded)

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Music, as always by Ginger Mayerson

Why does he look so bummed? Does he know that in 30 years he'll die stupidly and pointlessly?