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Saturday, February 18, 2006

Show #21 - Feb 18

Show 21 on MP3

My report on WonderCon
Ultimate Spider-Man #4 - stop with the choking noises already!
Marvels, by Busiek and Ross
The Dark Knight Returns by Frank Miller
DC's Greatest Imaginary Stories - F-U-N!
Indigo Animal (and an interview from LHLS)
Do I have to do this all over again?

Go listen to David Arroyo's Comic Makers!

Music, as always, by Mayerson.
Other music I listened to this week that I love: Rumor and Sigh, Richard Thompson

A proud member of the Comics Podcasts Network!

This podcast is sponsored by the Lincoln Heights Literary Society - Ontology On the Go!

An Indigo Animal mug! I want one!


  • you are right about the "crying sound". It does sound like someone throwing up...I tryed to prononce it and was told to move away from the computer.

    By Blogger Shaded Spriter, at 7:16 AM  

  • On the Dark Knight, I agree- although a very gritty story the violence within it was "tastefully" done- not so over the top that it takes away from the story itself. No need for cheap visual "shock" here- Frank Miller's story has the quality to carry itself in a seamless blend with the artwork without over the the top violence and tacky gore tricks- the violence has purpose here- and I like that.

    It is even more refreshing to know that there is at least one other individual in all of fandom who doesn't think over the top violence is cool...

    Another great show, thanks
    Glen Glen

    By Blogger Glen Glen, at 1:38 PM  

  • I had similar problems with Alex Ross's art when started reading KINGDOM COME. His art is so different from what we are used to in comic-books that it took me out of the story all the time. It was like reading a photonovel! But, after a while, I got used to it, and when reading MARVELS I sort of had inmunized myself from the photonovel effect.

    With DARK KNIGHT RETURNS I had a big problem myself: it didn't seem anything special to me. Maybe it was the time I read it, maybe it was de fact that everybody was telling me how good it was that I expected a lot more... I don't know. Now that I've seen that they've got it at my neighborhood library I think it's time to read it again. Anyway, I have always liked Frank Miller's art, because his the number one hiding his artistics lacks and even taking profit of it (you just have to see his wonderful work at SIN CITY).

    By Blogger the Walrus himself, at 12:54 PM  

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