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Thursday, December 21, 2006

I want this book.

And not just because of the cover:

Discreet Young Gentleman, by M.J. Pearson

Book Description
All hell breaks loose when Dean Smith, Earl of Carwick, is tricked into being discovered in the company of Rob, a handsome male prostitute. Now Dean needs to repair his broken engagement to a wealthy heiress…and Rob is the only one who can identify the man who set him up, proving to Dean’s fiancée that things weren’t as they appeared. The trip from Worcester to Bath turns into a journey of self-discovery, as Dean finds himself becoming increasingly attracted to Rob. His charming companion stirs feelings Dean has long kept repressed, but acting on them would make true the accusations that destroyed his engagement. Torn between duty and desire, Dean’s destiny lies in the hands of a Discreet Young Gentleman.

Gay historical romance! Yay! And check out that MANLY package.


  • It's rare these days to have someone to tell me how all middle-class-
    straight-white-guys think. And how they seem to derive sustenance by
    stereotyping and oppressing others. Also how they are, with rare
    exception, incapable of empathy or insight. Thank God there is you - seemingly the lone voice unafraid to broach the subject these days. Now I see that those in the "minority" (and women) have been oppressed without exception and in all aspects of their lives for far too long (to c.1985). Never again should there be any portrayal of any "minority" (or woman) as anything less than completely capable and morally upstanding, save those instances where some middle-class-straight-white-guy has orchestrated to besmirch the unsuspecting victim (or woman). Now I see that no woman (of the multitude available in a given universe), would ever choose sex as a means of making a living unless she'd been forced to, or lead to believe it was her only choice or, God forbid, forced to objectively consider _her particular_ available marketable skills. Thank you again for opening my eyes to the middle-class-straight-white-devil. Yours is a perspective of which I'm sure I could never tire (to c.1995).

    PS - love the show! (... and don't ya know I've gotta keep listening)

    By Blogger Elinor, at 12:30 PM  

  • Okay ...
    Well, I was trying to post the previous comment more broadly on your site, and more in-response-to your show where you covered "V for Vendetta". Damn the technology.

    Please don't let the poor placement of these comments blunt their bite or brilliance - as percieved in my own mind.

    Thank you.

    damned modern technology

    By Blogger Elinor, at 12:52 PM  

  • I'll say it again - yaoi. See stuff like The Black Knight and Jaques and Gerard for historical/period gay romance. Both published by Blu I think.

    By Blogger creepylesbo, at 8:30 AM  

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