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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

More Spidey goodness.

Meet Spider-Man at Kmart on May 5th

Bring your camera to get a photo taken
with the web-slinging hero and get your
Spider-Man 3 poster autographed.

Time: 10am - Noon and 2 - 4pm
Select Kmart Stores

For more details please visit www.kmart.com/spiderman

A Spider-Man Trivia contest will take place at Kmart on May 4th from 5pm - 10pm. The winner will receive a $10 gift card. Free Spider-Man stickers for all who enter the contest.

Buy $9.99 or more of Hasbro toys or games PLUS one can of Pringles PLUS one box of select General Mills products and get a FREE Kmart Exclusive Spider-Man 3 poster.

*yes, it's an ad. I wanted the poster. So sue me.


  • Hiya L.,

    This has nothing to do with Spidey poster, but I could't find another spot to email you. I just came across your podcast a couple of days ago. The hook was the phras from the 7/1/05 where you talked about the Legion of Substitute Heroes. Kid, I was born in '56 so I read a lot of the Silver Age as it happened, live on stage. To this day, if I fish out loose change in my pocket and find .12 cents, a dime and two pennies my instant reaction is,'good for the next copy of Legion'. It was my childhood fave, and I've come back to it through several of it's incarnations. One thing, I remember Stone Boy as having this original limitation on his power: he could turn to solid stone and that was it. He became an immobile, unreticulated inflexible lump of rock. The subs would use him strategically---he they would corner the 30th century bank robbers in the bank and herd them toward the back exit. The crooks would dash out, collide with Stone Boy and get knocked cold. Highly unlikely, you say? That's where you're wrong. It worked every time. Of course, these are forty year old memories, so take them with a grain of salt. But god, I love the Silver age! Plot devices that wouldn't fly in a rarebit dream were plonked down in every other issue. Anyway, I've downloaded 5 more podcasts and am ignoring my usual lineup to hear what you've been saying. the other blogs i've checked, you can smell the fanboys over the i-pod. One sounds like it's done on a $2.40 Radio Shack microphone while the other sounds like he's talking through an empty, unwashed tomato can. (Raging Bullets) Let me know if this comes through.

    By Blogger Gargantua, at 7:26 PM  

  • Thanks for the comment! You can email me at lenetaylor AT hotmail.com. There is more Silver Age Legion crack to come in the next podcast.

    By Blogger LT, at 11:16 AM  

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