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Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Wolverine: Gayest Ever?

OK, I cheated a little. The title is really "Is 'Wolverine' the most homoerotic superhero movie ever?", by Tim Stack at EW, and it goes like this:

True confession: I see the gay in everything. It's a gift and a curse, much like Haley Joel Osment's ability to chat with the dead in The Sixth Sense. After sitting through Wolverine this past weekend, I believe this flick to be the gayest comic book movie ever. It felt like an issue of Men's Health come to life, albeit with more adamantium. First, the gorgeous Hugh Jackman is shirtless for a good portion of the film -- he even has a naked fight scene! And he squares off against a shirtless (and similarly ripped) Ryan Reynolds at one point. Secondly, Wolverine's job as a lumberjack allows him to wear some very 1970s gay-friendly tight jeans, leather jackets, and flannel shirts, unbuttoned to reveal more than a hint of chest hair. Thirdly, the big sparring between Wolverine and Sabretooth really comes down to two hot guys basically clawing each other with their fingernails. Catfight!

To me, this felt waaay gayer than Joel Schumacher's codpiece- and nipple-enhanced Batman and Robin. What do you think PopWatchers? Anyone else catch a whiff of homoeroticism from all the male eye candy, or am I blowing things out of proportion?

Yes! I haven't even seen this movie but yes!

The best part, really, are the comments, in which many many fanboys get their knickers in a twist and shout NOES NOES WOLVIE IS NOT TEH GAY!! Also a few people who thought that all the shirtlessness etc. was meant to appeal to women. Please note: the people who make superhero movies and comics don't give a fuck about women. And even if they did, they wouldn't have a clue as to what appeals to women. If you doubt this, please review the entire history of Marvel and DC.


  • He may be on to something there, but I don't know if it, or anything, is gayer than Schumacher's Batman movies.

    By Blogger Arm Chair Guru, at 5:23 PM  

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