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Sunday, June 28, 2009

OT: Fashion advice to Steve Merchant

Although I love him deeply, I really must offer some fashion advice a la Stacy and Clinton.

Steve: The beard and glasses are a good combination - you look very serious and even kind of tough. But please - lose the polo shirts. First, orange is a terrible color for you and only makes you look paler. Second, you're too tall for off the rack polo shirts. Your arms are longer than the average guy's, and the sleeves of said polo shirt end up hitting you halfway down your bicep and you look like you can't afford clothes that fit and WE KNOW THAT'S NOT TRUE. I've seen you wearing polo shirts in a lot of different photos and they NEVER look right on you. Especially when you buy them one size up to get longer sleeves - that strategy won't work and you know it.

For the sake of me and all the other Smerch fangirls out there, just have your clothes custom-made for you. I promise I'll buy the Extras DVD set to make it happen.


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