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Monday, September 14, 2009

52 Songs #3: Re-Flex The Politics of Dancing

And now for a REAL change of pace. I ran a record store from 1984-1989 and my musical tastes (and collection of vinyl) was entirely shaped by that experience. Consequently, I have a real fondness for this type of EXTREMELY 80s music. This one-hit wonder band was one of my favorites.

This week: Re-Flex: The Politics of Dancing, released in 1983. I don't I ever got to see them in person (which is quite something, as I saw a LOT of one-hit wonders back them, including Men Without Hats), but my best friend and I fixated on this album and listened to it over and over again. Like the best 80s synthopop, it's got a driving beat, overwrought vocals, and a fantastic hooky chorus. I'd give a a solid 10, because it's got a good beat and you can dance to it.

Info on the band here.

Does anyone have mp3s of Humanication?

Come back next Monday for another of the 52 songs!



  • I did not expect this to make my day. But it did. Thanks!

    By Blogger John G, at 9:30 AM  

  • Hi Lene,

    I too am a product of wonderful '80's music back in the days of records. I loved this song and the music of that era , even the rare and strange stuff. You might also like these rare '80's songs :The Ministy- "Everyday Is Halloween". Tamara & the Scene- "Everybody Dance" ,Dale- "Simon Simon". I listened to these '80's songs & others while sitting and reading comics- Ah, music & comics - a wonderful combination.

    By Blogger Retrospect360, at 12:50 PM  

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