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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Show #84 - Aug 14

Show 84 on MP3

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Some musings about comic cons
Death of Superman graphic novel
Superman in the Sixties collection
A quick rant about FBOW

You can still check out the Watchmen Motion Comics here (all uploaded)

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Music, as always by Ginger Mayerson

Why does he look so bummed? Does he know that in 30 years he'll die stupidly and pointlessly?


  • Hey L.T,

    As always a wonderful podcast. I hope see more and more in the near future they make my day every time i get a new episode. Just wanted to let you know I decided to follow your advice and I have created my own blog check it out


    Hope you enjoy it.

    By Blogger Dave, at 10:43 PM  

  • Hi Lene,

    I just listened to Show 84, and i agree with some things & not others. First- I loved listening to your show and your P.O.V. on all things your reading- even when I don't agree with you I still love to hear what you have to say. Ok- so death Of Superman.
    IMO#1 IMO the simplicity of the story was wonderful i think. i say that because usually when a big event happens the story lines for them are often complicated highly detailed super dramas if we are lucky , if not they are convoluted messes. the simplicity of this story (for me) was a refreshing change of pace from the "super complicated mega saga".
    I agree with you that Louis was way too wimpy in the last issue of the saga- but I disagree with that point in the first part with the clawster & Underworld. Lois showed craftiness, cunning, and incredible (& reckless) ambition to allowed herself to be captured by the underworld villains who wanted to take over Metropolis. She let herself get captured because of her own ingenious plan to get closer to the belly of activity to get a better story- dangerous but ingenious and a credit to her intelligence and dedication as a reporter. That has to be acknowledged. Now, where "that Lois" went by the end of the book is beyond me....and i agree that by the end of the book there was something lacking in her spirit.
    very good point about that - "fly doomsday into space" comment. except that even Superman could barely hold Doomsday without getting bombarded with mountain crushing punches. I think the point was that- "Not even Superman can hold Doomsday " long enough to throw, roll, sling, or toss him anywhere and the fact that Superman was able to do so once was unusual.

    (smiles) Well - that's about it. I'm so happy you read this book because I just read it myself for the first time about a month ago- and I enjoyed hearing everything you had to say about it! Take care!

    By Blogger Retrospect360, at 12:39 PM  

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