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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

OT: Sometimes advertising is funny

I have to read Wired magazine for work. Mostly it's a chore and the sexism is bothering me more and more, especially when older women who frequent chat rooms posing as 18 year old "hotties" are portrayed as evil seducers, while men who do the SAME THING are poor misunderstood guys with mid-life crises (so what if he killed someone because of it?). Anyway, the most recent issue had a big ad for Helio phones with some instruction on "the new social etiquette" (mostly chat stuff). Here's the funny bit:

"Your buddy list is ideal for seeing who's online so you can ignore people when they IM you."

Not that I ever do that!


  • Dear Lene,

    May I share these thoughts? Following are meditations from one of my various artworks:

    [Sexual Perversion
    The next remaining depravity is sexual perversion. Something perverse means literally to turn the wrong way. In a society that is unenlightened as ours is, sexual politics are fundamental to its existence. With the subjugation of women came the myth of feminine delicacy, stupidity and inefficiency. Women have been objectified and dismissed in education, commerce and industry, and in their homes, schools and churches. I urge all men to consider what their situation in life would feel like if they were considered and treated as inferior, and part of an entirely inferior sex, without a possibility of transcending your sex. This was the hard case for women 100% at the turn of the last century. Perhaps it was only 50% true after the emancipation of women voters but it is still substantially true today.

    They All Do It
    The oppression that women have endured for millennia is insidious and is the cause of tremendous suffering to even the most wealthy and privileged individuals. Oppression whose legacy is felt by every woman and girl on the planet. Although emancipation has largely freed the women of America, much of the world still maintains harsh oppression of women, and the pain and indignity of it effects the personality of every woman I have ever met. This is sexual perversion.

    We Think as We Speak
    Many individuals engage in sexual harassment by their objectification of people. Regarding one another as servants, cash cows or sexual toys, men and women pursue one another as much for exploitation as anything else, whatever they believe of themselves. Women’s suffering from mental formations left by past and recent subjugation can be transcended with awareness and effort, but they run very deep and are constantly aggravated by their unequal treatment. The subjugation of women is even incorporated within the English language. Terms like Mankind, Man made, the accomplishments of Man and the use of masculine pronouns as inclusive of women are embedded in our language and by this means become a part of our psyche. By making these terms gender neutral, or feminine in the case of pronouns, we may affect our psyche and gain new understanding.

    Mind Yer Beeswax
    One’s opinions of another’s sexual practice lead to the description of various acts, pleasures or even thoughts as being deviate or perverse or obscene. They are understood generally as sexual perversions, but are merely the means by which individuals deal with the suffering they experience. These things are mainly unimportant and indicative of liberty. If perversion becomes obsession it may be demonstrated or inflicted upon others. This may cause harm, as in the case of predators, or discomfort and fear as in the case of homosexuals. Individual beliefs, activities and actions are free for each person to decide. We must have compassion for one another and at least be polite and not shove our obsessions in another person’s face (and especially in the faces of her children).

    Particular mental formations, as formed from the repression suffered by women, are also experienced by “minority” individuals to similar effect. It is a thing in the mind that must be overcome with effort in addition to living one’s life. While understanding about the cultures of other peoples certainly helps in understanding them as people, making judgements about an individual based on racial or other stereotypes is reckless and a very poor foundation for any sort of truth. Intellectual potential is equal among all races of people. “Always there will be greater and lessor persons than ourselves.” If you are using race as a factor in your equations it is only serving to hamper your reckoning and reduce your opportunities. ]
    copyright 2007 yatta yatta yatta.

    I assert sole authorship of the above thought and hope all will share freely.

    Incidentally Lene, I’ve taken to terming myself a “personist!” keep up the good work.

    Comic Book Shaman

    By Blogger comicbookshaman, at 8:20 PM  

  • Dear Lene,

    I've been reluctant to start a blog be cause it is my way to do mainly as others do not, but as I had to open an account to leave you comments...

    Find me here please:
    Comic Book Shaman

    By Blogger Comic Book Shaman, at 7:43 PM  

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