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Monday, September 21, 2009

52 Songs #4: Ben Vaughn Trashpickin'

As you know if you listen to the podcast, I like Ben Vaughn. I've seen him many times and his music has been a soundtrack to crucial moments in my life. He's from New Jersey, just like me, and has made his own quirky and successful way in the world of music. I like Ben's serious songs, but my favorites are his silly, clever tunes like this one.

This week: Ben Vaughn, Trashpickin', released in 1988.

There will be more Vaughn in these 52 Songs. Stay tuned for Rhythm Guitar. Ben, I want you to know that I ducked out of my own wedding reception to see you at the Green Parrot in Red Bank.

Come back next Monday for another of the 52 songs!

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