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Monday, October 05, 2009

52 Songs #5: Split Enz History Never Repeats

This week: Split Enz - History Never Repeats, released in 1981. Some Wikipedia stuff here.

I discovered Split Enz when MTV started showing their videos; "History Never Repeats" was one of the first videos to be shown, ever. I immediately got hooked, bought Waiata, taped it (don't forget, home taping killed the music industry), and listened to it A LOT. Thus began my relationship with the Finn Brothers. Neil wrote this one and sings lead. Don't you love the guitar hook? It's so anthemic! This song is all energy, crashing along to the lovely a capella vocals near the end.

I saw Split Enz live at the P.O.P. festival in Philadelphia in 1982; Squeeze was the headliner (they were boring - might as well have just put on the record); other bands included Duran Duran (yay!), Third World (yay!), Bush Tetras (bad), and of course the boys from NZ. Split Enz kicked all kinds of ass. Tim did backflips. How can you top that?

I've seen Crowded House a lot, and the Finns on various occasions, but nothing will ever beat the Enz in their prime.

Come back next Monday for another of the 52 songs!

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