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Monday, November 09, 2009

52 Songs #10 - Bowling for Soup, Today Is Gonna Be a Great Day

This week: Bowling for Soup, Today Is Gonna Be a Great Day (Theme Song) from the LP Phineas and Ferb, released in 2009.

OK, so you know I'm a freak for Phineas and Ferb - and honestly, who isn't? If you've seen it, you know that it's the most awesome cartoon on television right now. Part of its appeal is the music, as they have a new song (sometimes two) every week, in addition to the kick-ass theme song and a few other recurring tunes. I don't think I'd ever heard anything by Bowling for Soup - well, not on purpose, anyway - but I love this song, especially in this full version. It reminds me of a less-cynical Green Day (or maybe even Cheap Trick) - same power pop chords and major harmonies, and really fun lyrics. And who could disagree with the sentiment? Seize the day and make this the best day ever!

PS. The rest of the soundtrack is great too. Squirrels in my pants!

Come back next Monday for another of the 52 songs!

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