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I Read Comics

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Uncanny X-Cast Featuring ME!

The guys from the Uncanny X-Cast invited me to be part of a panel discussion and we had a ton of fun. Check it out here:

We've decided it's time to expose ourselves to some new opinions from outside our bubble here at the Uncanny X-Cast by bringing in some friends to argue over some of the hot topics in the comics industry.   So with that I introduce you to the newest game show to the growing stable of Uncanny X-Cast gameshows:


On Inside the Panel we will be bringing in three comic podcasters, in addition to the X-Cast's very own Brian Perillo, to debate hot comic topics and have their answers judged and scored by Rob Briscoe.

In this installment we welcome Lene Taylor of I Read Comics, Ron Richards of iFanboy, and Louis Kwok of KwokTalk.

You can download it on iTunes or right here. Don't forget to leave us comments on iTunes.

Topics include:
Stealing Spidey, Peter David, Movie Fears, Apple Tablets, Disney, Event Fatigue, Solicitations, DC's Revolving Door, Waiting for the Trade, Hope, Bagging and Boarding, and High Heels.

Special thanks to all our guests in this episode, they went above and beyond all we expected. 


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