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Thursday, September 29, 2005

Conan Action Figure

Here he is, Mr. Barbarian. Although this model is based on Barry Smith's art, I don't think he's quite the Supermodel I want him to be. This is available from Dark Horse.

This figure has what I call "wedge man" syndrome - that is, he is wedge-shaped, with the tapered end at the bottom. He looks like the guy I used to see at the gym who did a thousand bench presses and never worked on his legs. I overheard him telling someone that he never worked on his legs because it wasn't worth it: "I'm just cursed with skinny legs."

Thanks to Bruce R. at KomicsKast for cluing me in!


  • sadly, not a spunk, but keep looking - I'm sure your perfect Conan is out there somewhere

    btw, do you have an opinion on how the movie Conan measures up to that of the comics .. the BarrySmith version seems pretty far removed from Schwarzenegger .. if you've seen the movie/s I'd be interested in your thoughts

    By Anonymous greggray, at 5:52 PM  

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