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Friday, May 26, 2006

Show #29 - May 26

Show 29 on MP3

X-Men: The Last Stand, reviewed by yours truly and my special guest Logan!

Music, as always, by Mayerson.
Other music I listened to this week that I love: Sway, The Blue Hawaiians

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  • If you guys see Superman Returns be sure to do it at a IMAX theather because the first 20 minutes will be in 3D!!!!!

    By Blogger Dave, at 5:39 PM  

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    By Blogger Dave, at 5:42 PM  

  • What happened after the credits- very cool... But I wish Nightcrawler had come back, it would have been better with him in it. The Beast-Perfect. Juggernaught- a mutant? Ok I'll let that one go for the movie's sake....

    In the showing that I attended, When Angel first spread his wings 1/3rd of people in the theatre laughed when they saw it, the guy was trying too hard to flex the muscles and people laughed as if it was a comedy, I felt sorry for the guy when they did that.

    OK- a light hearted rant: They should have weaved the Enron (spelling?) crystal into the Jean/Pheonix plotline. (Jean's body lands near the crystal in the bottom of the lake, the crystal being there before this for years. Jean is restored by the crystals power- but the power becomes more sentient and wants to take over Jean's body. Then in movie#4 The Shi'ar Empire , Starjammers, and Scott's father could come to Earth because- of course - they have to stop this powerful threat to the Universe- the power of the Pheonix-and to take the crystal. Just an idea...

    As far as the outcast "Punk Rock" thing- they look punk for a reason I think-these street kids-they were meant to be outcasts and have an edgy image. I believe this was the movie's take on a band of mutants called the Morlocks that were in the comics of the 80's , a lot of the Morlocks did dress punk- although outcasts, they were nice people in the comics- well most of them.

    A movie can take on it's own story from the comic book- when the tangent is a GOOD one- but this thing with Jean and the Pheonix could have been handled much better than it was.

    Magneto is a great character as you've stated- he has glimpses of compassion and heart even though he is ruthless. He's right-yet he's wrong- this goes into a Marvel tradition that is a theme within it's villians. Marvel's greatest villians COULD have been great hereos-except for one event in their lives that turns them to the other side. If that one event didn't happen- these villians would have been great heroes- that theme was portrayed brilliantly with Magneto in this film.

    The evolution of Wolverine as a team member is right on point. Magneto could have destroyed Wolverine's skeleton-he's done so before in the comic. But I think that he spared Wolverine because I think that he sees Wolverine as a man on th edge- who may perhaps- one day- be convinced to switch sides to Magneto's team as Pyro did- due to the rage Wolverine has. But of corse we know Wolverine would never switch sides..

    I did really enjoy this movie, and I enjoyed this episode of I Read Comics, I look forward to your next show.

    P.S. Those TV ads before the previews....yes....very annoying.....I had to sit through that dumb Fast & whatever twice....

    By Blogger Glen Glen, at 8:56 PM  

  • Okay, I'm gonna stick my neck here and said that I don't like the movie.
    I just think that Ratner didn't give enough emphasis on the characters to make us care for them.
    Overall, it's a disappointment for me

    By Blogger owner, at 7:32 AM  

  • "owner" i totally agree with you. although i really did enjoy the movie, i didn't think it delivered everything it could have. the first and second movies delivered the psychological/interpersonal character elements particularly well. singer is known for his skill in that area, esp usual suspects. (here's hoping he flexes his muscle in this area on superman returns.) unfortunately ratner is known for his big-bang explosions and high-intensity physical action. X3 delivers in this regard, but without the psychological/interpersonal/agnst elements, it feels like it falls way short of being a true x-men story.

    By Blogger loganotron, at 2:52 PM  

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