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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Comic Fight Club!

Look at the cool thing I got:

If you send an email to Glen concerning a topic that was discussed on Comic Fight Club, you can get one too.

Thanks, Glen!


  • so which one is LT? .. "MoonGirl"?, "LighteningChick"?, um .. , "WaterWoman"? .. or perhaps "Sado-Sam the MasochistMan"?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 4:56 PM  

  • L,
    Your show is just as informative and enjoyable concerning comic related media, as it is when you address actual comics. I hope that you continue to discuss all forms of comic media in addition to the books- I, too, was impressed with the quality and humor of this season's Teen Titants. Lookin' forward to more!
    I can't speak for everyone, but if you did a whole show on your take of Teen Titants the animated series I'd listen.


    P.S. To gng: Hard to say which one LT is, I don't know what she looks like.
    (cool names!)

    By Anonymous G., at 6:59 PM  

  • To g: no no-one does .. but it does add to her mystique! I imagine some kind of human/rabbitpearl(TM)-cyborg

    By Anonymous greggray, at 10:18 PM  

  • Angry Dog Press Potlatch Project 4

    WESTMINSTER, Maryland—9th of October, 2005—Angry Dog Press announces Potlatch Project 4 available to Retailers through Diamond Preview catalog, ORDER No JUN052725 F POTLATCH PROJECT VOL 4 TP. Potlatch Project the fourth in a series of anthologies featuring 21 very talented non mainstream creators on 14 illustrated stories. This year cover was illustrated by the 2003 nominate for a FRIENDS OF LULU Joanne E Mutch. Joanne is the creator behind RUMMBLESTRIPS (http://www.rummblestrips.com) Second cover by Noppie in theory only available at convention sales.

    Potlatch was started in response to be rejected from the EXPO Comix to benefit the CBLDF. Those creators gathered and contributed to the first Potlatch to share their illustrated story to benefit the CBLDF. Potlatch went on to do two more benefit books. The next was for ORCA, operated by Rick Onley who is responsible for getting free comics to children in school reading programs. The second was to benefit the web base Small Press Association operated by Ian Shire. The SPA through Ian have come up many services to support up and coming self publishers to include Printing, POD, the Small Press Idol, the AD Books and the GUIDE (now SP magazine) just to name a few.

    The 4th Potlatch is a straight forward anthology, 108 page of black and white comics. You will find artwork to be detailed and well illustrated. Though no nudity or profanity with in the exact letter of the law for all ages, it is however more suited for young adults. The illustrated stories range from weird space adventures, with monsters, fantasy to Metermaids issuing parking tickets. And Stan Yan's spoof of the 2004 election.

    Talent on Potlatch Project no. 4: Lonnie Allen, Nair Balan, Jesse Ciccone, Sal Cipriano, Marco DiLeonardo, Kevin Gleason, Edward J Grug, JAYMES, Jeremy Freeman, Juan R, Puig, Chad Lambert, A. David Lewis, Ron LeBrasseur, NOPPIE, John Peter, Nancy Peter, Scott S. Robbins, Ethan Wenberg, Stan Yan, and Dave Youkorich.

    Past, and Present Contributors to Potlatch working professional, acknowledgments and/or awards
    Marc Deering (PopImage, Inker for IMAGE and Avatar)
    Andy MacDonald (NYC Mech)
    Jeff Johns (AIT/PlanetLar)
    Chad Lambert (Dave Sim Day Prize)
    John Peters (40 Winks)
    Lonnie Allen ( Boxer, and EXPO Comix)
    Stan Yan (Denver Art award)
    Jennifer M. Contino ( Journalist with numerous comic publications)
    Joanne Mutch (2003 nominate for a FRIENDS OF LULU)
    Robert Elrod (Guilty of Something)
    Carl Mitch (EXPO Comix)
    Chris Staggs (Joe Kubert School of Cartooning)
    Chris Pitzer ( ADHouse)
    Chris Yambar ( Bart Simpsons comics and those kind word about Frank Miller at the Harvey Awards)
    A. David Lewis (Mortal Coils)

    Potlatch Project 4 official mail order point of purchase is through Dimestore Production eStore
    Potlatch - Project #4
    Item #ADP-P-P4


    Potlatch Project
    c/o Steven Noppenberger
    695 Windsor Drive
    Westminster, Maryland

    Phone 410 751 7055
    Cell 443 789 1995


    By Anonymous Noppie, at 5:03 PM  

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